Types Of Fossil Fuels And Their Uses

Fossil fuels are the fuels that are formed by natural methods. These are non-renewable sources that are used as fuels in many ways.

In the present moment, the whole world is running on fossil fuels. It is used to power all types of machinery, automobiles and a lot more. Even though we are at a point where we are slowly progressing and focusing more on renewable sources of energy the use of fossil fuels is at its peak. We all know that these fossil fuels are going to be extinct in the near future. In this article, we shall discuss the type of fossil fuels and its uses.


Coal is the only fossil fuel that is in the solid state. The coal looks like a huge chunk of black rocks. The coals are mined by the workers by using heavy machinery from the coal mines. Coal consists of five different elements. They are carbon. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulphur. The percentage of these elements constantly varies.  There are three types of coal they are lignite, bituminous and anthracite. Among these three, anthracite has the potential to produce the highest energy because of high carbon content. Lignite is high in oxygen and hydrogen content. The bituminous has an equal distribution of everything.



Worldwide coal is majorly used to produce electricity. It is also used in some heavy industries like iron and steel plants and cement industry.


Oil is more than just a fossil fuel. It is a natural resource that has the capability to impact the economic status of a country. According to the research, the oil that we have been using actually originated 300 million years ago. We all know how important oil and petroleum is to us. It plays a major role in our everyday lives. Not every one of us is driving a Tesla.

When this fossil fuel is unearthed from the ground, it is extracted as crude oil which is the natural form. This crude oil is majorly obtained from the Middle Eastern countries. It is the reason why those countries are filthy rich. This crude oil is taken to the refineries, and after subjecting it to various processes, we get petrol, diesel, kerosene and other products.



We all know that the major use of oil is in the form of petrol and diesel to power automobiles. They are used for power generation processes. Even though most of the machinery in the heavy industries uses electricity, there are still a few those run on diesel.

 Natural Gas



The natural gas predominantly consists of Methane which is of very less weight and highly flammable.  Usually, the petroleum reservoir and natural gas reservoir are located in the same area. This makes the mining process very simple and easy. The mining of natural gas is comparatively easy as it is transported through exclusively designed pipelines and stored in the reservoirs.


Natural gases are mostly used for domestic and very less commercial purposes.  Some of them include heating homes and cooking.